The 2015 edition of Jonge Harten Theatre Festival (Young Harts Theatre Festival), a festival focusing on a young, vibrant audience, had one overal theme: “PLAY”.

In line with the theme, the students of Arts, Culture and Media of the University of Groningen organized the “Jonge Harten Festivallab”. The aim of the festivallab was to ‘scientifically’ study the festivalgoers behaviour and motivation, inspired by the Dutch television series De Hokjesman, where Michael Schaap emerges himself in a Dutch sub-culture, and in line with that idea, the participating students studied the peculiar festivalgoer. For this they went out each day with an expert of a particular field of study (e.g. a Biologist, Sociologist and Journalist) to view the shows and study the strange world of the festivals visitors.

In a semi-comical setup each day finished with a review of the day with the expert that visited the festival in talkshow-like setting. For the Jonge Harten Festivallab I constructed a trailer inspired by the television series “De Hokjesman”, and I filmed and edited the talks with the experts.